Our goal is to make Sundays better. Each week we will provide…


Fully editable PowerPoint file for you to customize. Usually includes emotionally moving video to drive the point home. Here is a sample: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ra5yjxaiworme4b/God_Is2.pptx?dl=0

Coaching Video

A fifteen minute coaching video to walk you through the big idea of this week’s message. Here is a sample:

Small Group Lesson

20 ready-to-use questions, as well as answers from well-known authors. These lessons get groups talking and save you time. Here is a sample:

Suggested Reading

We have rarely been changed by Sunday School curriculum. We have often been changed by reading good books. Each series will provide a number of books for you to read and recommend for your people to read. An informed group makes for interesting discussion. In a recent series on Joshua, we provided everyone a copy of Charles Swindoll’s book, Joshua. (Most were able to pay for it themselves.)

Your input

The resources we provide are just a start. We would invite you to prayerfully put your thinking cap on and provide creative idea to communicate the gospel more effectively. “Two are better than one, for they have a good return for their work.” Ecclesiastes 4.9, 10