I want to help you present messages that stick.

  • Messages that stick are interesting
  • Messages that stick are memorable
  • Messages that stick are enjoyable
  • Messages that stick change lives

Bible teaching that sticks have five qualities. (Spells the word “stick.”)

Simple slogans

Messages  that stick are simple. They have only one big idea. We teach so little because we try to teach so much. As Andy Stanley says it, less is more.

This simplicity is best reduced to a memorable slogan. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall…”

I am betting you could complete that verse because it sounds like a slogan. Rick Warren say, “People don’t remember sermons… they remember slogans.” Jesus often taught this way and we should too.

Touching Stories

Stories that illustrate the simple big idea help to drive the point home. They move the heart, which is our next point.

My preaching professor taught me that people rarely make life changing decisions because of cold, hard facts. Logic is important. Information matters. But, emotions moves. When Peter spoke the people were “cut to the heart.”

Irresistible, attention-getting content.

It is hard not to pay attention to sticky teaching. Proverbs teaches, “A wise teacher makes learning a joy.” When a sticky teacher teaches, no one looks at their watches.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through video–much of it on YouTube. Nearly every message will include a touching video that you can use to reinforce the simple message and make it irresistible.

Credible sources

Billy Graham said…” is more powerful than, “I have always thought.” I have a library of more than 12,000 volumes because I am committed to proving the Pastors and Bible teachers that I serve with the best, most credible, most authoritative, most interesting source material I can find. If Billy Graham ever taught from this week’s passage, I will likely find that quote and provide it to the pastors and teachers I serve.

I recently taught on how to know you could go to Heaven. I thought it more powerful to use a video of Billy Graham making the point.

Kinetic illustrations

People remember stuff that you can touch and feel. I recently taught on “You are the light of the world.” To illustrate, I passed out flashlights. (I got them at Walmart for $1—including batteries.) I taught on the idea that God is our “straightness” (righteousness means “straightness). I passed out rulers to help the point stick. I taught on the idea of planning. “Plans are established by seeking advice.” (Proverbs 20.18). To illustrate, I passed out pencils. I went on to say that there comes a time to quit planning and start doing. To illustrate this, I asked everyone to break their pencils. Not quite as good as Jeremiah breaking a pot, but not quite as messy, either.

Simple slogans. Touching Stories. Irresistible, attention-getting content. Credible sources. Kinetic illustrations. If you would like this kind of help in your preaching and teaching, you have come to the right place.

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