Each one of God’s names reveals another aspect of His multifaceted character. In Psalm 23, David says: “He guides me in the paths of righteousness / For His name’s sake” (v. 3). That phrase does not mean that God is acting to save His reputation. What it means is that God is acting in conformity with His own nature. That is, God leads in paths of righteousness because He is by nature a righteous God. This glorious truth means that we can joyfully and confidently follow Him, because we know that He is righteous and thus could not lead us in paths that would be injurious to us. What a contrast between the God of truth and revelation and the gods of mythology, who were often depicted as being deceptive.

As we study each name, you will learn something more about the lovely character of our God. You will discover that He is our Provider, Healer, Shepherd, and more. You will find yourself intimately drawn to Him and passionately committed to Him. You will find that surrender to His Lordship is sheer joy, for you will know His character and trust Him to act in your life according to His character.

Sermons include:

  • God is our Provider
  • God is our Healer
  • God is our Victory
  • God is our Peace
  • God is our Shepherd
  • God is our Righteousness

Kenneth S. Hemphill and Ken Hemphill, The Names of God (Nashville: B&H, 2001).